Located in Calgary Alberta T2M 3Y7, Sisytek is a client focused tech support provider for all your IT and network needs. Using the latest technologies and an array of powerful tools, Sisytek IT experts connect to home or business computers through remote desktop access to provide high-end IT solutions.

Our professional and friendly tech support team is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive tech solutions world-wide. We provide a range of solutions relating to hardware, software and networking. Whether it is a desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile phone or networking problem, Sisytek IT experts are always available 24/7 to offer hands-on service and solutions.

From the moment you report a problem to us, our IT experts swing into action to provide the most benefitting and cost effective solution using powerful tools, latest technologies and industry’s best skills and practices. Our solutions are client focused and we are dedicated to quality service. We understand the connection between IT and business and we always strive to provide tailor-made solutions to our clients’ IT needs.Sisytek utilizes leading edge technologies to provide rapid tech solutions to our clients, even though they could be located miles away.

Our objective

We value our clients and our prime objective is to provide quality service to our customers. We have establisheda team of professional and highly skilled staff to ensure quality and custom designed services that cater for your particular IT needs. Moreover, Sisytek strives to provide the best customer experience and we intend to maintain guaranteed quality services to our clients through:

  • Continued follow up strategies and feedback from our clients to gauge performance

  • Engaging functional working communication across all the departments to ensure seamless service delivery towards achieving the company’s objectives

  • Utilization of the latest technologies to provide the best remote tech support to our clients so as to maintain their systems at peak performance.

  • Dedication and commitment to support business growth and development

  • Provision of functional and cost effective IT solutions for sustained systems performanceon our clients end.

Sisytek is committed to achieving the set objectives and out team of IT experts is focused on providing reliable and trustworthy services to our clients. We value excellence in service delivery and our team of IT experts works tirelessly using the latest technologies to provide the best customer experience. We treat all our clients equally and our quality service is available to all.

We understand the importance of communication and we strive to provide timely response to our client’s orders. All our clients’ orders are properly logged to avoid delays and we regularly keep in touch with our clients to update them on jobs’ progress. Our focus is to provide comprehensive and timely solutions to our clients’ IT needs.

We understand how difficult it is to access reliable service providers for remote tech support services. We are here to offer solutions to most of your IT problems, if not all. Our solutions are tailor-made to suit your specific problems. For this reason, we employ highly trained personnel who are skilled in providing need based solutions to end-users. We have formed various alliances with technological and training partners all over the globe to provide our staff with invaluable training and support to enhance service delivery.

At Sisytek, our clients are our prime priority and we go beyond expectations to build long term relations with them. We are a value driven and goal oriented service provider and our aim is not only so resolve clients IT issues but also to keep their IT systems in top-notch performance.We are focused on delivering the best cost effective services to our clients. We are dedicated on implementing our company values because we believe they are crucial in achieving our goals and objectives.

We intend to be a one-stop-shop in IT solutions and to serve our clients as trusted allies. Our service mission is to provide our clients with the loyalty of a business partner and the economics of an outsourced vendor. It is a hard to find combination in service industry but luckily, you can get it at Sisytek.Remote desktop access allows us to quickly resolve any IT issues that you may be experiencing. Sisytek’s goals to ensure efficiency and performance in your IT systems while keeping your data and information secure and confidential.

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